The Std Class Seat

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The Seat will be based around the successful

Buggybags Race Class Seat


Adjustable Back Rest

Main Seat Height Adjustment

(Easily detachable no need to strip buggy)

Padded Seating area with Stainless drain holes


The seat is designed to be height adjustable, it can be used in the std postition or lowered
By lowering the seat your hips are below the side rails
lowering the centre of gravity
changing the whole aspect of the buggy
Thanks to KiteBoyStu for the 3 Pictures Below

Underslung Harness
Stainless Metalwork
A High Density Foam Base
Stainless Steel Drainage Hole
Stainless Metalwork

Avoid Slippage of the buckles by double looping them back on themselves


A great addition to the seat, which also makes it much easier to mount on the buggy.

Good Quality Cordura used (same as the bags) to cover the foam, quilted pattern can be seen

Many thanks to Rocky for these pictures of the 1st Green Seat fitted to his

Flexifoil 2002 Wide Axle Kite Buggy

You can clearly see how low the seat can be lowered allow much more power to be held
We have built in our under slung harness to distribute pilot weight over the entire seat, note that the axle straps reach the cross webbing for extra strength
Cross member straps join to the side rail attachment points to even the load


All Plastic attachment points replaced with Stainless Steel Rings

Wide Heavy Duty Webbing

Stainless Steel Grommet(Drainage Hole)

Made from Heavy Weight Fabrics

Metric 12 Heavy Duty Thread for all areas

Unique Integral support that spreads the load over the whole seat

12mm Extra Thick High Density Water repelent Foam

Inner seat Pad Cordura

Note: Design can be modified at any time



The seat is NOT endorsed for use to jump the buggy, or for the buggy to leave the ground at any time.

Using a Kite Buggy for Airborne Sports is


Buggybags cannot accept any liability for use of your equipment in this way