Twin Trailer Bug

The Twin Trailer bug!

5 years ago had the idea that i could get the whole family out down the beach, the idea was finally realised this weekend!


Buggy has been modelled on my Cameleon, keeping the profile as close to the original as possible.

Deep bucket seats to keep the kids in.

I am going to make proper harnesses to make sure they dont fall out.

Total weight is over 80kg, pretty hefty, however it is supprising how nimble the buggy is, the ball joint allows for total maneuverability.
Just got to finish off the whole show now and make some side rails covers for the two buggies.

Come on Cyril, wake up!

Buggy is totally stable, you can even kick out the back end a bit on the front bug to scrub off speed!

Credits to the following :


Buggy Could not have been made without the support of



It is just perfect, thank you for putting up with the design stage to get it just right.


Wheels supplied by Craig.w (flexiforums handle)

Tyres and innertubes supplied by Playavaition, (Flexiforums Handle)

Seats Supplied by TallPaul (Flexiforums Handle)

(I sorted the Squabbling on the Libre Seat, I HAD IT!!)