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This is a custom made guard to fit "your" buggy, each one is unique.


The beauty of this splash guard is the fact that it contours the swan neck, an issue which hinders normal splash guards.

The TSG has internal stiffners which hold the edges of the fabric taught, in conjunction with cable ties and elastic ties that stretch to the rear axle.

Also provides protection for the seat against spray from the front wheel.
New Improved Design with Removable Stiffners
And some Dirty Pictures, Jeffs TSG Doing its Job, you can see how much muck the TSG has stopped, the front surface almost clean, although that looks like it was hell of a Puddle you went through Jeff!


RS Buggy TSG

Gavin's RS buggy, complete with TSG, New Removeable Stiffners Clearly shown in these pics, note the way the TSG hugs the Swan neck


Thanks for these Pictures Martin


Keeps spray down from the seat
Wide protection at the front end
Hugs the profile of the Buggy
Built in rubbing strip where the side rails attach

Chris B's Tornado Bug

Shown here on Popeyethewelder's home made PTW Panther, you can also see the side rail covers and the Rollbar covers that Buggybags.co.uk also supply
Popeye comments "The Guard, fitted perfectly, and covered almost all of the seat underneath , when travelling fast, the guard kept in position the whole time and kept me completely dry, there were times going over soft sand that I could feel, the sand under my backside. After the buggy session was over I lifted the buggy up and looked indernieth, the spash guard had completely saved my seat from all the abuse...."

This is a custom made product made to fit your buggy, to measurments you supply, each one is unique.

All Dimensions can be specified by yourself,

width of TSG at neck,

width at side rails

and the overall length of the TSG

can be specified

giving TOTAL protection to you and your buggyseat

from the spray that is thrown up by the front wheel at speed



More details to follow.






Starting Price £32.50 plus post and pack

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