Sample Colours of the Buggybags Race Seat

As well as the Standard Colours ie all Black, Blue etc...

Any combination of Colour fabric and web can be combined to make a Seat Unique to You



Stainless Steel Attachment points (10 off)

Wide Heavy Duty Webbing

Stainless Steel Grommets (Drainage Hole)

Made from Heavy Weight Fabrics

Metric 12 Heavy Duty Thread for all stressed areas

Unique Integral support that spreads the load over the whole seat

4mm HDT Back Support

Two Back Support Straps (upper and lower)

12mm Extra Thick High Density Water repelent Foam

Outer Skin of Seat: Wipe Clean PVC

Inner seat Cordura

Note: Design can be modified at any time

Outer Skin, PVC
Inner Seat Cordura-Choice of Colours
Web Colours
Black PVC

Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Grey

Blue, Burgundy, Green, Orange, Black
Blue PVC
Orange PVC