We have been asked on many occasion to supply seats to fit the newer design kite buggies

Finally we can offer the below seat, with Full Wrap over Side Rail wings



Super Race seat

Prototype Seat Pictures can be seen below, Seat fitted to An Apex, XXracer and Libre Protask Replica Buggies


Super Race Seat fitted to an Apex Kite Buggy

The Super Race Seat will also fit the older
XX Racer Kite Buggy
Designed to fit, as seen it slots straight in to the XXracer

Super Race Seat fitted to a

Libre Protask Replica


Seat Specifications

Stainless Steel Attachment Points

Wide Heavy Duty Webbing

Stainless Steel Grommet (Drainage Hole)

Made from Heavy Weight Fabrics

Metric 12 Heavy Duty Thread for all stressed areas

Unique Integral support that spreads the load over the whole seat

4mm HDT Back Support

Two Back Support Straps (upper and lower)

12mm Extra Thick High Density Water repelent Foam

Outer Skin of Seat: Wipe Clean PVC

Inner seat Cordura

Email for Price



Post and Pack £10.50


Note: Design can be modified at any time