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New Product!!

BuggyBags Super Race Seat

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My T3Hybrid

Special Features of this Buggy,

100% Adjustable width + or - 2 inches on the side rails, will fit most people.
Detachable Fork for easy carriage on a Bike Rack
Special adjustable X "Star Brace" to allow for width Change of Rails, decorative precision made part.

Precision Engineered Head Stock, this is probably the finest part of the buggy it will not let you down with crushed bearings EVER, made by ANDYMAN2.

3mm Down tube wall thickness

Hinged rear axle attachment plates which bolt directly to the rear axle, this lowers the Centre of Gravity of the whole buggy, keeping the weight below the axle.
This again is a Unique Part made by Popeye The Welder, (he keeps remininding me they took 3 days to make these alone:) )

GSX 250 wheels All round.

Cambered Rear axle.

Brand New Buggybags T3 Seat.

Cameleon Disk Forks
Big foot Forks

T3 Side Rails
Race Plates

Whole buggy Specially designed to be Low, offering a better Cog compared to similar race buggies.

< 60kg

This buggy is a real Head Turner with all the Extra Unique Parts which i have added over the Years.

This is Unique.

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S Wales

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New for BuggyBags

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A Range of items that we have made up and Ready to Ship

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Re Classification of Seats

Buggybags Race and Sports Class Seats

Designed to fit the Kite Buggies Listed Below
Cameleon /Iguana
Flexi 2002
Flexi Scout
Tornado 1
Flexi Mk 1 **
Tornado 2
Rad Sail
RS Buggy
** Minor Std Modification Requred


Stainless Steel Buckles Rings

Wide Heavy Duty Webbing

Stainless Steel Grommet (Drainage Hole)

Made from Heavy Weight Fabrics

Metric 12 Heavy Duty Thread for all areas

Unique Integral Support that spreads the load over the whole seat

12mm Extra Thick High Density Water repelent Foam

Hdtp Plastic Back Stiffner

Inner seat Pad Cordura

We can also make seats to fit the Double Bended side rails found in the Newer Design Kite buggies such as GT, XX and T3, if you are having a go at desiging and making your own
GT Race Seat




Design Your own Seat!


Custom Services Design your Own Bag/Product- Click Here

New Webbing Colour!


New Cover
After the Sucess of our Race Buggy Cover we have launched a cover to fit the smaller buggy Frame
Covers in all our Colours to Fit the FlexiFoil Kite Buggy
Click Here for More information on the FlexiFoil 2002 Kite Buggy Cover
Custom Colour Patterns Made to Order
Custom Colours Available

Kite Buggy Cover/Seat Protector

As used by the PKA at Euro Championships 2009 at SBO

Protect Your Investment

Introducing the Kite Buggy Cover
We have been working on this for over a year in various shapes and forms
The design has now stabilised and is ready for sale
Ideal for protecting your buggy when:
In transit on trailer or bike rack (Bright Orange available for this)
In storage ie if kept in back garden
Camping, avoid the dew settling overnight
Protect your seat from UV light extending its life

Shown above with optional customisation

A special thanks to Big Ken for helping with the design of this product

Made from durable waterproof fabric it is available in all our colours
Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple and Pink!
6 black Tensioning straps allow for optimal adjustment to fit Race Buggy frames
A Unique manufacturing method to allow for all roll bar postions has also helped keep manufacturing costs to a minimum
Tight neck seal to hold close at the swan neck
Prices Uk Pounds (introductory 14/09/09)
Std Cover 24.75
Roll Bar Modification 29.75
Please contact for customisation and personal embroidered logo prices

Postage 5.50



Also availalbe for the Flexifoil Kite Buggy

Product is fully designed and awaiting pictures
Peter Lynn and Typhoon Buggies to follow
Seats can be totally customised to your requirements


Wide Seat (7cm wider)

Both these seats are custom size 7cm wider/Narrower thant the Buggybags Race seat, the seats are built to the same Standard as the Race Seat.

Narrow seat (7cm Narrower)
Pics courtesy of Al at Atmosphere Kites

Pic courtesy of Nick the Chef

We have had many requests for Purple and Pink, these two highly fashionable colours are now available as Seat outer and Side Rail colours


Please note the flouresent Pink is limited stock


New Product

Introducing the Buggybags Wheeleze

Barrows and Midi Wheel Covers

New Product

New Gpod -Geko 101-- Click Here

New - Landboarders Ruck Sac Bag
Kites in the bag, board on the Bag, strap on your back and away!
New Stuffit! Bags
Replacement Stuff Sacs

Please see our Colour Range Click Here.

Desert Camo Sold Out

New The Buggybags Gpod- GPS holders
Gpod Etrex
Gpod 101 for the Forerunner

Made from Hardwaring Cordura with wide wrap over velcro to securley attach to your down tube in seconds.

Clear plastic Window to View GPS

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Mobile : 07811 767120