Kite Buggy Seats
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Sports Class Seat

Will fit the Kite Buggies Listed Below
Flexi Original Mk 1
Flexi 2002
Peter Lynn Xt
Peter Lynn St
Rad Sail Kite Buggy
Rockville Kite Buggy
Libre Sprinter
Libre Special
Parastorm Typhoon Seat
New Seat
BuggyBags Super Race
Tornado I and II Seat
Tornado III Seat
Seat For Libres
Viper Stripe Seat
Seat for Windragon
Rs Seat / Typhoon Seat
Custom / Hybrid Bugs
WildKat Cougar Dominator
Australian Cougar
Custom Seats
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Wide and Narrow Seats
Race Buggy Covers
Race Bug Cover
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Old Std Class Seat