Buggybags FF WA TSG
Thanks for the pics Jerry

You can see exactly how the

Buggybags TSG ©

is designed specifically for the Swannec

A special design adds rigidity to the fabric making it taught at the edges, whilst also being pliable.
Best shown here, in a straight line minimal spray will get past the wide protection that is offered.




Near total protection from the spray thrown up by your front wheel, unlike other splash guards the

Buggybags TSG ©

is wide where it meets the head stock, so there is minimal "over spray" from the from wheel

Standard Splash Guard Comparison

You can see a standard splash guard in the background of this picture,

(this is also one of ours - a development one), see how narrow it is, the new

Standard Splash Guards

incorporate what we have learnt with the

Buggybags TSG ©

and offer the same wide profile at the head stock.


£32.50 plus post pack and Paypal charges