The Buggybags


Tailored Side Rail covers

Add a splash of colour to your Buggy.


The Buggy Bags TSR©
The Buggybags TSRip©

Custom Made t Fit your Buggy



Now Available.

Many thanks to RIPS BELLY PANS for the use of their name on the Buggybags website

Mark Deadmans (Australia) Flexifoil Wide Axle Buggy, shown here complete with TSR and Buggybag, thanks for the pictures Mark!


Other Colours Available:




Made from Cordura (Same as the buggybags)

TSR© Price


post and pack £3.50

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The TSR© kit comprises of:

2 TSR© covers L&R hand

2 Foam padding, cut to measure

Cable Ties for securing


The Buggybags TSR shown here with the Modifications necessary to fit a Mk1 buggybag or Rips Belly Pan
Now fits with existing Mk1 Buggybags
Shown Here with a Rips Belly Pan

a modification kit is available free of Charge.


Mk1 Bags shown Above


Please see comments at the bottom of the page for fitment options


Note how the covers are fitted to the rails, specially designed to follow the angles of the rails with minimal rucking.

No straps!

The cover will hold the shape of the side rail when assembled loose away from the buggy

Showing the strap attachment at the rear end, note the left hand strap needs to be wrapped round the side rail twice.

Neatly following the curves of the buggy.

A new bag has been designed to fit the extra bulk at the rear end, with a new attachment configuration.

We are holding the price of the new bag at £32.50 (plus post and pack)

Easily carry three kites in this Bag

7m, 4m and 2.5m complete with lines and handles with room to spare.

All bags come complete with an internal pocket to store keys, phone, wallet etc....


Stake Pouches available at request

as well as extra pockets.

Finsh the looks of your buggy with the

Buggybags TSR©

and a Matching Buggybag

Thanks Ban for the prolonged use of your buggy



Customer Pictures
Thanks Jonathan for these Pictures of your Flexifoil buggy.

Jonathan went for the entire set up including a Customised bag with his name on it.

Thanks Jonathan

Please note that Jonathan has a MK 1 bag with the Modification Kit fitted to convert the attachment points to fit the Side Rail Padding

Thanks Jim for the pictures and for your purchase of the complete Buggybags system

Buggybag, TSR and TSG.