Stu's New MK2 Typhoon Buggy
Storm 2 Bag
A new position for the Sand Stake Holders!!!!
2. (Large Kite selection)
4.5 Little Devil, 5.5 Buster, 6.5 Firebee, several stakes, a pump, and
there was still a little room left for food and drink!
1. (Small Kite selection)
1.5 Buster, 2.5 Beamer, 3.6 Beamer, 4.5 Little Devil, several stakes, a
pump, and there was still loads of room for food and drink!


V Mx and F Rce Buggy Bag
Thanks Rob for these great pictures which clearly show the carrying capacity of the Standard Bag
Now you see it
Robert Alcock's Buggy
Now you dont!

This bag contains:

Blade 3, 4.9m, Beamer 3.6m, Samuari 3m, Water bottle, Gloves and Knee pads and a tow rope.

Special Bag

Just look what Adrian Got in here.

3 Kites,4.5m 3.5m and 2.3 all complete with lines and handles.

Plus a host of other goodies.


FF 2002 Bag


Scott's Buggy shown here with a fraction of what it can carry,You can get a 7m 4m and 2.5 complete with lines and handles in. Thanks for the Pics Scott