Viper Parakart Kite BuggyBag

This kite BuggyBag is top of the range as it has two sets of side attachments, one set to fix the bag to the buggy, with another protective cover to allow quick alteration of the Toe In Adjusters without removing the bag from the buggy. It will also protect the bolts from the elements, alowing for easier adjustment

Specially designed to follow the contours of the roll bar

Bag Capacity, This is a 4 kite bag, ie 6m, 5m, 4m and 2.5 complete with lines and handles


Buggybags cannot do this colour, colours available




Side rail covers also available

Paul Dexters

Super Legera

Shown here.

Bag will hold 3 kites, 7m, 4m and 2.5m complete with lines and Handles