Kite Surfing Bags or Kit Bags
Heavy Duty Kite bag
Quality Materials
Constructed From 800g Cordura
50mm Heavy Duty Ladder Lock Buckles
44mm Heavy Duty Webbing
YKK Heavy Duty Zip
Kite Size
Length of Bag
10m Kite
1330mm long Bag Diameter 250mm
13m Kite
1400mm long bag Diameter 250mm
18m Kite
1650mm long Bag Diameter 250mm

Colours Burgundy and Blue Only (at this time)

Bag can be modified into compartments to store all foils in order
Extra pockets can be added to store those small items

Can be made to any size, custom made to suit your specific needs

Please contact for any fourther information you might require

Bag is made from heavy weight Cordura, with 44mm heavy weight Webbing.

All seams are double folded for strength and water resistance.

It is constructed as a barrel bag with no joins in the fabric along its length(to keep the water and sand out out)..

Final bag will have our Ziprotector to minimise the sand and water ingress to the bag

Heavy Duty Zip is used to close the bag.

Ziprotector comes as standard


Built in Kiteprotector to stop your kite scagging on the zip

Kite can be packed with the spars left in, there is a 15m Phantom in this bag with plenty of room left for other kit.
Heavy Duty ladder locks are used to make the shoulder strap detachable.


Single grab handle as well as adjustable shoulder strap.

Handles are attached via a box and gate stitch pattern for added strength.
Bags can be made ANY length to suit your needs
Various carrying options

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