Specialist Kite Buggy bags

The F-F 2002 Camera Bag

Mark at Visual Pixels enquired if we could help him with his camera equipent.
Not the best type of stuff to carry round on the back of a buggy as it is so dense and bulky.
We designed a sleek slender bag to hold the equipment.
The bag was fully padded and lined to offer extra protection
The large flap conseals a pull down web that tightens on the side rails, offering a better purchase for the bag trying to ensure that the equipment does not rattle round to much
You cannot see the design of the base of the bag, it is actually convex with a base that accomodates the minimal space available on the rear end of a Flexi Bug.
You can see that the bag is hardly noticable!
In the end we had to design a slightly smaller bag. This was due to the fact that as the bag was padded and the equiment did not need to be in the foam inserts Mark had originally designed, saving even mor valuable space.
Thanks for the use of your buggy Mark for these Pictures at Wallop 06