Kite Buggy Transit Bags
Ever wanted to keep all your kit in one place,then take a look at the Kite Buggy Transit Bag, incorporates a compartment to keep kites separate.
This is a development one, a little larger than the other main one on the market .
Any Size bag along this design can be made to measure plus or minus 2cm.

This bag Easily holds,1 complete Pogona, all clothing, helmet, boots, 4 kites 10m, 7m, 4m and 2.5m, harness,and 3 bags with plenty of room to spare.

Uses, Long Term Storage, Transit Bag for Foreign Trips, keeping all your kit together when going away with the boys etc..
The trouble was it was a little too heavy to carry! Although you could just about manage it.
Can be Made ANY size
All anchor points are strong box and gate pattern. Carry handles on each end for two people to carry.

Colours Grey and Burgundy

Experimental Dims= 1.50m*.5m*.5m