Gpod 101
The New Gpod 101 from

Made from Hardwaring Cordura with 50mm wide wrap over velcro to securley attach to your down tube in seconds.

There is at least 120mm of velcro holding the Gpod to your down tube, if you have 60*40 box section then there will be 160mm of velcro

The top cover also has velcro on it to attach to the back of the Pod, once attached the flap cannot be naturally pulled out
To stop the GPod sliding down the tube we also supply a cable tie that can be positioned any place on your down tube
Will fit, ANY buggy, Cameleion, Flexifoil, Libre, Parastorm etc...



Etrex Gpods' shown to the right in a variety of colours, Gpod 101 can be made in any of our std Colours