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Carmarthen Land Sailing Club

No. 241

The Kites - Supplied by Cooper

Kites Being Received This Week (weekending 15th March 2010)

Pics/Reviews to follow

The Buggy
Buggy Modifications Round 1

Side Rail Plate Stiffening

To make the original frame wider it was padded out with washers, i was happy with this setup until looking closely at it and realised that there was virtually no support. Andy (AndyMan) made up these plates which allowed the same offset angle as my orignal set up. Not only did they provide much needed rigidity but they also added weight to the buggy.

Cross Bar

Std cross bar was added to try and counter twist in the frame.

Swanny / Head Stock

To Allow for easy transport and Storage we designed the head stock to be detachable, this also allows the forks to be swapped very quickly if desired from a Barrow Setup to Disks or Bigfoots.

The Buggy ended up looking like this with the GSX 250 wheels on, worked really well and held a good line.

Buggy Modifications - Round 2

I was happy with the modified Cameleon, but after sitting in one of Trickbitz's T3's, I could see the advantage this might give me. My buggy was reinforced in all areas, the thing that was really letting it down were the side rails as these were 100% original. You could see the twist in the frame when pressure was exerted on the head stock or when you applied lateral pressure to the side rails. The only solution was a T3. I priced a set of Rails, also priced a second hand one which would have been perfect but could not justify the outlay to myself.

Then a stroke of luck, AVSpider pointed me in the direction of Popeye who unknown to me had a set of T3 Trickbitz side rails for sale. Carl needed a new Seat/Sides and other things for his new Dominator 4 buggy so we came to an agreement and a barter was struck.

T3 rails at Popeyes
Within a week the rails were round Andy's, after a fitting and some head scratching he had all the dimensions. Next Day he emails this setup, modelled in wood to ensure it is correct before commiting the stainless.

Angles look right, hopefully identical to my old buggy, we are trying to keep the same foot print/proportions as the old modified Cameleon was balanced very well.

We have also managed to strip weight from the set up now which is good, this buggy should come in at arround 54kg in the Disc set up. We will be making a Barrow setup for it so approx 15kg of weight can be shed if required.

Buggy Modifications to be continuted....