Fandango 06 Kite Buggy

The Making Of The Fandango 06 Kite Buggy - by Popeyethewelder

Ok I wanted to make myself a buggy, I had bought a second hand PLxr buggy with kenda scorpions on and thought it was fantastic.
I then started to take more notice of other buggys and could then see ways of which I could improve what I had.

I made the decision to sell the PLbuggy without the wheels as I wanted those babies.

I have limited materials and equipment at work and have to work with what I have got.

I trawled the internet and collected every single buggy picture I could find that caught my eye, my idea was to take the parts I like off of these other buggys and try to improve on then in some way if at all possible.
I tried bending the 33mm side rails but wasn't happy with the slight kinking on the inside of the bends, so reluctantly I used ready made elbows, and welded the straight cut lengths to them , at least that way I could make sure the angles were exactly what I wanted.

Originally I had straight 27mm tube for foot pegs coming off these forks with a round plate on the end, but then decided I wanted something better than that, and made two cheque plate foot plates, on the back of the foot plates a welded two pieces of 33mm tube to slide over the foot pegs, I had already made a slot in each foot peg to take a 8mm bolt that way the foot plates would turn on the round pegs about 20 degrees.

I stated work on the forks making the fork tubes from 27mm steel tube, I wanted the top and bottom plates angled as I had seen pics of those and liked them.

The main tube on the axle is 42mm, and I could go on and on about all the little lugs & bits that I had to fab to get the desired effect
The axle, obviously took the longest to make, and first I had to find some quality shocks, I found some Ballistic shocks that are about £70 each new
I looked at the PL suspension set up and didn't like the straighness of the shock housing, so after making templates and trials I ended up with the housing angled towards the wheels.

Lastly, the axle and wheels I am very pleased with.

The end result, and in fact, it is the back end that to me, that makes this buggy a good one.



The axle is about 1800mm long overall, I only have to take the bottom 12mm bolts out of the housing and the extra axle parts with the wheels on will fold virtually to any position, swinging on the shock.

The original downtune is 40mm box and I think what is unique about this buggy is the way I have joined the side rails together.
Made from a piece of 50mm box with the bottom cut out basically, I then added lugs at the bottom to attach the down tube,
I want this buggy to be able to fold down quite small, so after taking the front bolt out the whole front end swings under the seat. I have now made a swan neck and cant wait to try that out , it lowers the buggy by about 80-110mm and looks a lot more steamlined.
The first run was really good, although it was for only half an hour due to bad weather, it is like sitting in an armchair soooooooo comfy, the seat is slighty tilted back, which I think is a nice position to fly a kite in, the swan neck will make it into more of a speed machine, for which I am lookin forward to trying out.
Pictures below show the Fandango Bug Modified with a Swan Neck, all metalwork fabrication made by Popeythewelder!


Techincal Specs:

Forks 27mm tube with 6mm plates at either side of the headstock, 12mm front axle.
Swan neck now added pictures to follow shortly
Side rails 33mm
Rear axle 42mm
Back rest 32mm
Foot pegs 27mm, with 4.5mm durbar foot plates

Axle=14lb 6.35kg
Siderails=11lb 5kg
Downtube=6lb 2.72kg
Backrest=3.5lb 1.58kg
Mudguard and Foot plates=2.5lb 1.13kg
Total Buggy wieght=92lb 41.73kg with wheels and eveything on.

Build time although a lot of this time was developement work about 30 hrs

Images and text displayed by kind permission of Popeyethewelder
Fandango 06 Copywrite Popeyethewelder©



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