First Ram Air Kite back in 1989

Back in 1989 i made this Ram air kite, might have been one of the first to be made!

I based it on what little i knew, basically nothing.

Peter storm kites were two liners with long tails, so it was a two liner with long tails!


If you look carefully you can see where i extended the tail lengths to gain some stability, without these tails it was skitty to say the least
It certainly got a few looks and pulled the crowds,

Did not know how to bridle it, so i just took it off the A and B lines on the Bridle, no Brakes so it was a two liner, did not know about cord stretch either, after it went up over 100' there was no control at all, as the cord i was using would stretch and stretch and stretch, it might as well been elastic for the use it was!

I think i might re-rig it, i wish i had kept the original bridle on it now as it was certainly a one off.