My interest in kites started many years ago,right back to the early 80's,
What got me really into it was the first Ram Air Kite I made way back in 1989, you can see the pictures on the web site. Compared to any modern day kite it would have been an early Sky Tiger, (although this was probably before the Sky tiger). I based it on existing kite technology at that time (the way a kite should look) with tails and a wooden spar across the front to keep the vent open. The kite worked really well being about 7 foot across and multi coloured it got many comments everywhere I flew it.
11 years pass and I get the bug again, the internet had been born and I go searching on the web for kite patterns, I find Foilmaker an excellent design program and after a lot of modeling and day dreaming decide to make another kite!
Boy was that an outing, I canít remember exactly how long this one took, but I stuck exactly to the plans and after approx 80 hrs with 3 whole days rigging one weekend the 2nd kite was born. This time a 4 liner, and it flew really well. The idea behind making the kite was to see if I really enjoyed it, rather than buying a kite and realising it was a one hit wonder.
I continue browsing on the net and come across the Kite Buggy forum group, it was here that I found a lone kiter who was looking for "some one to fly with", we met up down Porthcawl and that was it, I had a go of his 5m Peel and I WANTED! He also had a 2.5 CQuad, I flew this and decided this was the make I was going to start with. The following weekend i was fully kitted out, proud owner of 3.5 Cquad.
Next was the buggy, i was lucky enough to get a MK1 Cameleon Pogona within two weeks of the Cquad, My wife did not see me for another year!!!
The Cquad lasted about 6 weeks before upgrading to a JoJo 3.5 Rs. The Buggy bug had bit hard, out 3 times per week for over a year, 6am starts, wind...No Wind...Rain....any conditions we were out!
On a budget i decided to make two more kites 3.5 and 5m Dominators, both excellent kites, the 3.5 came 4th in the 2001 X-zone Autumn Games, my JoJo 3.5 Rs was in third position so I was really pleased with its performance. I deliberately made the 5m a lazy kite, very stable and predictable infact it flew its self and never luffed, sorry I sold that one to behonest.
Buggybags.....the begining
I had tried all methods of carrying kites on the Pogona, from a netting contraption to strapping rucksacs to the buggy, nothing really worked.
I made the first bag late in 2002 after losing some keys down the beach, it served two purposes to carry kites and somewhere to keep your keys and wallet. I did not think anything of it the bag worked well and suited my purpose. My mates saw it and were really interested, however they
went over to the dark side and took up kite surfing, I continued buggying for about 7 months and in Sep 2003 officially gave up, selling all my kit everything sold in one hit for a song.

This was a big mistake, within 3 weeks the beach was calling and i needed a fix, I was really lucky and bought a Vmax and 4.9 Blade for £220, both in excellent condition, I quickly traded back up to an Iguana and upgraded to JoJO's, and made the 2nd Buggybag.
We were down Pendine at an event in Summer 2004 coming off the beach after a cracking day, My mate and I were towing the buggies off the beach, his kit was stuffed in any old thing he could get his hands on, mine neatly packed in my Buggybag.
Whilst walking down the beach we were stopped buy someone asking where we got the bag, 100 yards later we were stopped again, it was not the third time that the penny finally dropped. The Kite Buggy Bag was Born.
After 3 months of development the first bag to fit my Cameleon Buggy was developed, it just happened to fit a Vmax so this was an added bonus.
Next we needed a name, Helen and I could not think of anything. We wanted to market on Ebay and needed an appropriate name, as xxJon was not really appropriate. I was doodling and penned out KiteBuggyBagMan, and started laughing, she asked what was up, so I showed her, she started laughing too, bit daft i know but it was catchy. Then I thought we needed email, within a second BUGGYBAGS.CO.UK was conceived, we had an even greater laugh at, what a mouth full, but it put a smile on our face, and that is what counts. When I saw that the Domain name was free i could not believe it and bought it straight away on the 30/10/2004, we were off!
Then Came the thread on the FlexiFoil....The Kite Buggy Bag....started 31/10/2004. This thread ran like the RS Buggy on Ebay thread for nearly a year, with thousands of hits and over 250 replies. I have to say we were both bowled over by the support everyone has given us since the venture began, with everyone being so helpful, especially when I get a little picky with the measurements.
Building blind can be difficult, plus with the very tight margins we operate on we can't really afford mistakes, we try and make items right first time, if in doubt we make demo bags out of scrap material to ensure the final items fit. You would not believe how many Variations to the Standard Buggy there can be! The thread ran and ran, and i have to thank all our customers for all the feed back that we have had.
We set up Buggybags to offer a bespoke quality service to Kitebuggiers, the idea being to make some good Quality bags at a reasonable selling price, everyone being happy etc....
It started with one sewing machine and one product, we now have 5 sewing machines, and i think over 40 products, quite a few are std whilst all of the TSGs and Side rails are Custom. Our products as Carl has stated can be found all over the Uk and scattered round the World. We use only the best heavy duty quality materials which are over specified, we do this to try and ensure a good as product as you can get. The BuggyBags Race Seat took over 7 months to get right, from getting the correct machinery to designing the stainless attachment points.
Helen has been sewing for over 33 years and to be honest all credit must go to her, at one point the bags actually took over the house, thankfully now we have it under "some" control!
Since October 2004 we have met so many people from all round the country/world, bartering their services/products/kites for bags, as well as selling a few too!
Friends like Jerry, Playaviation who really helped us in the begining! PopeyeTheWelder and Snowman Taff (who stole all my secrets on downturning!), MadasaBloke there are hundreds....
Cheers Guys
Jon and Helen
Manufactured from Hard wearing Cordura
All seams are double folded to ensure strength and water resistance
Incorporating heavy duty zip and Ziprotector, to minimise ingress of water and sand
Securely attaches in seconds to your buggy, (no straps or buckles)
Hidden key pouch to keep wallet, phone, keys or even GPS dry and safe
Custom Buggy bags available to order tailored to your specific requirements.
How it all began...