Gpod to fit the Etrex 10 and 20
The Gpod Etrex 10 and 20  Designed By
Made from Hardwaring Cordura or Vinyl, with 100mm wide wrap over velcro, securley attaches to your Buggy in Seconds
120mm of velcro holding your Gpod to your down tube, if you have 60*40 box section there there will be 160mm of velcro
The Gpod is designed to have a fail safe closure, once your Gps is correctlyinserted and attached to the Buggy your Gps unit cannot naturally fall out
The Gpod Etrext 10/20 will fit ANY kite Buggy, from Full on Race Buggies to Peter Lynn Xr's
Take Your Gps
Insert to the Gpod
Close via the Velcro attachment and attach to your Buggy