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Stainless Steel Buckle Rings
50mm Wide Heavy Duty Webbing
Stainless Steel Grommet Drainage Hole
Heavy Duty Inner and Outer Fabrics
Unique Integral Support thats spreads the load over the whole Seat
12mm Extra Thick High Density Water Repelent Foam
3mm HDTP Plastic Back Stiffner
Inner Seat Pad Cordura
Metric 13 Extra Heavy Duty Thread used in Stressed Areas

BuggyBags Sports Class Seat
Fitted to Flexi 2002 Kite Buggy

Offers Maximum Support
For the Pilot

Sports Class Seat Fitted to
Mk1 FlexiFoil Kite Buggy

Sports Class Seat
Fitted to Rad Sail Kite Buggy

Fitted to Flexi 2002

Sports Class Seat
Fitted to 
Libre Sprinter Kite Bike

Team Rider
Steve Redmond
Flexi 2002

Sports Class Seat
Fitted to Early PL Buggy



A very early PL Kite Buggy, note there is zero back support offered



BuggyBags Sports Class Seat complete with padding Transforms the Kite Buggy

Sports Class Shown on
Early PL and Flexi Frames


Custom Made Rear Axle Bags

Side Rail & Buggy Covers

Made To Measure Side Rail Covers

Splash Guards

Custom Made For Your Buggy


Kite Buggy Seats

For All Main Stream and Custom Builds

Gps Pouches

Securely Attach To Your Buggy

Transit Bags

Carry And Protect Your Kit

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