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The Buggybags Race Class Seat

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**Breaking News**

We are Re-Naming our Seats


Two Main categories.

Sports Class and Race Class

The "Std Class Seat" will now be known as the

BuggyBags Sports Class Seat

As shown Below

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Kite Buggy Seat Protector

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Find a Selection of our Products listed Below
Replacement Seats for your Kite Buggy

Fitted With the Tried and Tested Buggybags Race Class Seat Complete With Custom Side Rail Covers


Stainless Steel Fittings
Stainless Steel Attachment points
Wide Heavy Duty Webbing

Stainless Steel Grommets (Drainage Holes)

Metric 12 Heavy Duty Thread for all stressed areas
Made from Heavy Weight Fabrics
Unique Integral support that spreads the load over the whole seat
4mm HDT Back Support
Two Back Support Straps (upper and lower)
12mm Extra Thick High Density Water repelent Foam
Outer Skin of Seat: Wipe Clean PVC
Inner seat Cordura
Show here on the Tornado 2 Kite Buggy



The BuggyBags' TSR complete with matching bag, made to measure to fit a Flexilfoil 2002 Kite Buggy  
Buggybags to fit the Libre Full Race and Vmax Kite Buggy, there is also a custom bag to fit when the axle is inverted. Both are fully fitted bags that sit neatly behind the seat.  
Buggybag to fit a Wind dragon Max C, shown here complete with custom side rail covers  
Our Standard Buggybag to fit a Flexifoil Kite Buggy, when the TSR is not ordered.  
Buggybag to fit a Peter Lynn XR or the Peter Lynn XT Kite Buggy, shown here complete with matching Splash Guard  
Buggybag to fit a Parastorm Typhoon Mk 1 or Mk 2 Kite Buggy  

Buggybag to Fit a RS Kite Buggy


Buggybag to Fit a Libre Special Kite Buggy, a fully fitted bag that sits behind the seat  
Buggybag to fit an EOLO Radsail Kite Buggy  

The Buggybags RSG, Tailor Made to fit the RS Kite Buggy


The BuggyBags' TSG (Total Splash Guard), Tailor made to fit your swan neck, the guard comes complete with stiffeners to retain its shape.  
Standard Side rail covers to fit all Kite Buggies, shown here on a Cameleon Kite buggy.  
The BuggyBags's TSR (Tailored side rail covers), will fit with a Rips Belly Pan System  
Wheel Bags to fit all wheels, Cad Kat, Big foot, Big foot Light, Midi and Standard Barrow, can be made to fit 1,2 or 3 wheels.  

Buggybags Landboarders Rucksac Kit Bag

Specially designed to take the larger inflatable kites with a unique board attachment to carry all of your kit safely on your back



Our new light weight kite sacs

can be made ANY size

quickly pack that 10m kite in a proper size kite stuff sac


BuggyBag Kit Bags

Traction Kite Bag, Specially designed to hold your kit, built in compartment to segregate small items whilst also providing space for helmet, boots, kites and more.


BuggyBags Dirty Bag

Light Weight, Heavy Duty Material Dirty Bags, designed to keep your Dirty Kit in after a session down the beach, complete with Draw String and Handle for Transport.


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